Western Governors University Certificate Offerings

Certificate programs at WGU support our goal to help students learn critical skills and earn credentials that strengthen their résumés and demonstrate their abilities to employers. Affordable, accelerated, and career-focused, the certificate programs at WGU are designed for busy working adults who need educational opportunities that fit within their lives. Learning something new doesn’t need to break the bank, and upskilling for career growth is possible within your work schedule. Choose a certificate program from WGU and start to change your life today.

The WGU Learner Experience

We’re an online university dedicated to making higher education accessible for as many people as possible. We accomplish this by offering flexible, affordable, and fully online programs that help you enhance your skills. As a pioneer of competency-based education, we measure competency and learning rather than time spent in a classroom. Students progress through courses as soon as they can prove they’ve mastered the material. If you’re ready to upskill in your career, WGU can help.
The Learner Experience

Learn Online

Fully online materials mean you can complete your certificate program any time, any place. Advancing your skills fits within your schedule.


Certificate programs at WGU don’t have requirements to watch a lecture or participate in a discussion at a certain time. You’re in the driver’s seat.

Competency Based

Complete courses in your certificate program as soon as you demonstrate mastery of the material. You can accelerate and finish faster.

Employable Skills

Certificate programs at WGU are designed around the skills employers are looking for. Start to boost your résumé right away by adding valuable credentials.